Win and retain your best customers through highly persuasive personalization

Win and retain your best customers through highly persuasive personalization

Qubit’s technology delivers unique ecommerce experiences at scale
that increase conversions and RPV

Personalization starts with discovery

Shoppers now spend equal time on mobile and desktop, but mobile consistently underperforms. Time to change the status quo.

Qubit Aura redefines how shoppers discover your products on mobile web, combining user behavior, machine learning and persuasive techniques to create a personalized app-like experience for each customer.
Personalization starts with discovery

Personalization for the pros

Truly know your customers. Use machine learning and high impact digital experiences to help them spend more with you.

Qubit gives personalization experts all the tools they need to show the right content to the right visitors at the right time. Granular, event based customer data collection. Flexible, adaptive segmentation. Proven programmatic experiences get you started and the custom mode enables marketing developers to push the boundaries of personalization.
Personalization for the pros

Key benefits to your business

Better results

Get 24x higher uplifts in revenue per visitor than traditional personalization with Qubit’s programmatic experience technology.

Huge scale

Increase your reach with scalable programmatic experiences and ramp your velocity with the flexibility to make changes fast.

Deeper understanding

Get a granular understanding of every site visitor and all their interactions - then target segments with experiences that are 48% more effective.


Multimillion dollar increase in incremental revenue

Jonathan Wall, Group eCommerce Director at Shop Direct


40% YOY growth and over $1 million in incremental revenue

Pilar Catala, Director of Omnichannel Digital Experience at INDOCHINO


Proving value before roll out across entire arcadia portfolio

Simon Pritchard, Group Digital Director at Arcadia


Segmentation is the key to personalising every aspect of the customer journey

Tony Rivenell, Chief Digital Officer at Halfords


Optimization strategy set to deliver £21m in incremental revenue

Mark Lilley, Head of Ecommerce at Chain Reaction Cycles

We help leading brands transform the way they understand and influence their customers.

Personalization is helping us build relationships with our customers that translate into increased engagement, loyalty and revenue. Like all the Arcadia brands, Evans is working with Qubit and seeing great returns by investing in a platform that delivers personalization at scale.”

Simon Pritchard

Group Digital Director

​W​e need to create online experiences that surprise and delight, as well as being as relevant as possible. Qubit is the personalization platform that we’ve known and trusted for a long-time and we’re incredibly excited to be achieving greater degrees of scale and persuasion alongside them.”

Darran Brindley

Head of Digital Product

We think big and act bold to ensure the betting and gaming experience is the best it can be. We’ve made huge investments in our in-house data platform​ ​and​ ​Qubit not only adds to our capabilities but actsas an activation layer for insights found."

Edward Moss

Managing Director

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