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Qubit is a digital customer experience delivery platform designed for marketing and ecommerce professionals

Our latest release

We've made it easier than ever to operationalize your data

Adaptive targeting
Lets you manage customer relationships at scale, understanding if a customer needs a different experience from one day to the next

Visitor Cloud Data Exchange
Add more data into Qubit’s customer data platform for personalization and extract more data in real-time for business intelligence and analytics

Abandonment recovery
Prevent abandonment at source at any point in the customer journey and follow up with a targeted email

Our latest release

Three pillars of successful digital experience

Experience Management

Bring your brand to life in the most compelling way for your customers

Data Management

Break down data silos and create a comprehensive centralized customer record of your visitor


Reporting and analytics solutions to help you make faster and more impactful decisions

Qubit named as emerging digital experience leader

Qubit is championed in the latest Forrester report as a feature rich marketing-centric solution, with best-of-breed offerings for analytics, A/B testing and optimization, as well as strengths in product recommendation.

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