Win and retain your best customers through highly persuasive personalization

Win and retain your best customers through highly persuasive personalization

Qubit’s technology prioritizes the biggest opportunities for revenue generation so you can deliver personalization that makes an impact

Don’t let a customer interaction go to waste

Many personalization efforts fail because most web technologies don’t understand your customer. Qubit gives you the most complete customer understanding, flexible segmentation capabilities backed with machine learning, and high-impact digital experience techniques that deliver proven results.

"Everyone nowadays has got lots of data sources. What we find through Qubit’s platform and through the data layer is we’ve got a source that is real-time and immediately actionable on-site"

Mark Lilley, Head of Ecommerce
Chain Reaction Cycles
Don’t let a customer interaction go to waste

Key benefits to your business

Better results

Get 24x higher uplifts in revenue per visitor than traditional personalization with Qubit’s programmatic experience technology.

Smooth deployment

Unlike some marketing cloud implementations, Qubit can be operational in under a month, bridging the gaps in your existing tech stack

Huge scale

Industry leaders such as Shop Direct Group deploy over 500 unique experiences a year through Qubit

Fast ROI

BCBG delivered 9x ROI after 6 months with revenue uplifts up to 6%

Richer targeting

Experiences that leverage Qubit’s segments are 48% more effective than sitewide changes

Deeper understanding

Qubit ties explicit customer feedback to their behavior, giving you a full picture


Multimillion dollar increase in incremental revenue

Jonathan Wall, Group eCommerce Director at Shop Direct


40% YOY growth and over $1 million in incremental revenue

Pilar Catala, Director of Omnichannel Digital Experience at INDOCHINO


Proving value before roll out across entire arcadia portfolio

Simon Pritchard, Group Digital Director at Arcadia


Segmentation is the key to personalising every aspect of the customer journey

Tony Rivenell, Chief Digital Officer at Halfords


Optimization strategy set to deliver £21m in incremental revenue

Mark Lilley, Head of Ecommerce at Chain Reaction Cycles

We help the world's leading brands deliver their big ideas

We have a very strong appetite to understand user behavior and data, tech partners like Qubit have made that possible. The biggest result we saw after using Qubit to optimize our forms was that the completion rate improved by 7%. Considering the amount of traffic we drove to this part of the site, that's significant.

Matt Aston, Head of Digital Sales, Vitality

Part of my role was to make sure we have the right technology and tools in place to enable us to understand our customers’ behavior, so we can serve them better end to end. Qubit enables us to derive insights from our online data and enhance their experience across key touch points.

Chi Igboaka, Head of Performance Marketing


We call it our magic layer. An intelligent data blanket that sits over our website and allows us to make the changes we want without the complex job of re-coding. Once we got Qubit up and running we were amazed at how much we could understand about our customer journeys.

Paul Goodhead, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

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