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The most flexible enterprise tag manager on the market

Customizable for developers

  • Extensible data model
  • Self service SDK
  • Flexible CDN
  • Programmatic API

Leverage Qubit’s data model, Universal Variable, to implement and future-proof thousands of use cases to make onsite data instantly accessible to any third party tool

Build in, customize and populate your JavaScript technology through Opentag’s SDK

Choose between your own stack, or utilize Opentag’s own CDN - the most popular in the world

Access, create and configure all your containers via an API to increase agility and deployment speed.

Built for developers, loved by marketers

  • Tag library
  • CPA De-duplication
  • Privacy management

Utilize Qubit’s tag library for instant access to over 250 tags, making tag deployment effortless and seamless

Optimize your marketing channels by only rewarding the true contributing affiliates through the CPA De-duplication feature

Use Opentag’s Privacy Management feature to only let tags fire when users have given consent

Flexible for partners

  • Whitelabelling
  • Account linking
  • Multiple permissions
  • Rapid deployment

Add your own branding to Opentag and provide tag management as part of your core service offering

Access all your client properties through a single sign on interface and share details and tag containers across accounts

Set various access levels for different people in your team, such as viewers, editors or admins

Use tag management to get campaign tracking live in minutes without leaning on your development teams

Additional features

Vendor testing

A/B test third party technologies

User management

Control for who you provide access to your tags

Asynchronous tag loading

Load scripts in the background to optimise page speed

Tag management in real-time

Opentag uses Google’s BigQuery engine to collect tag firing statistics in real-time. You can now view, diagnose and proactively respond to any tag firing issues immediately, saving time for the things that matter.

Mediacom use Opentag and Universal Variable with their clients

We asked Gavin Carpenter, Technology Manager from our partners Mediacom some questions about Opentag, and how they use Opentag and Universal Variable to help their clients make the right marketing decisions.