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Mobile ecommerce is the new battleground.
Better product discovery is the prize.

Here’s your invitation to Qubit Aura.
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Mobile first, second and third.

Shoppers spend 59% of their time on mobile, but just 15% of their dollars.

That’s right. Time for a shakedown.

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<strong><small>01.</small></stong> <br> <strong>Mobile first, second and third.</strong>

New navigation. New rules.

No fixed navigation here.

Machine learning decides what products to show to your consumers.

And dynamically rearranges the navigation for each visitor.

Shoppers can find what they’re looking for with the flick of a finger - to view or save their picks for later.


<strong><small>02.</small></stong> <br> <strong>New navigation. New rules.</strong>

Change behavior.

Shoppers behave differently on mobile. It’s a fact. Over 60% of traffic to ecommerce sites now comes from mobile. But sales are only a third of desktop.

Using Qubit’s proven social influencing technology, unlock mobile discovery.

Buy, buy, buy.

<strong><small>03.</small></stong><br><strong>Change behavior.</strong>

Let's hear from the early adopters.

The challenge is how can we bridge the discovery that happens on Instagram and all these other tools... to make this discovery phase be native, within our walls.
Qubit Aura provides a seamless transition between discovery and shopping on mobile web.

Felipe Araujo

Director of Ecommerce

We have over 30,000 products on our site, therefore discoverability is a challenge we're constantly working to improve. Qubit Aura directly addresses the problem, by giving users a personalized selection of products and categories from across our entire product catalogue, tailored exactly to the user.

Alex Crawley


<strong>Stay ahead, this isn’t available for everyone.</strong>

Stay ahead, this isn’t available for everyone.

We have multiple patents pending so be an early adopter. You know what to do.

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