The world's largest attraction ticket broker with 250,000 customers a year

Attraction Tickets Direct
The world's largest attraction ticket broker with 250,000 customers a year

Why they work with Qubit

“Qubit have helped us unlock a tremendous amount of value. Solutions like urgency messaging and content engagement have proven that even gentle nudges can have a great impact on the bottom line. We are now able to engage directly with key groups of customers with the right message at the right time.”
Chris Bradshaw,
Group Marketing Director, ATD Travel Services

Available case studies:

5.1% increase in conversions with content engagement | Sales uplift with urgency messaging

5.1% increase in conversions

Using Qubit, ATD found that people who saw the About Us page were 14% more likely to book. They wanted to drive more traffic to this page to reinforce their brand message. ATD served a layer inviting users to read more about them and see their independent customer reviews.

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27% uplift in sales with urgency messaging

ATD ran a campaign to improve value perception by offering a time limited free trip when select trips were purchased. They wanted to maximize the exposure of this campaign and create a sense of urgency to purchase. A pointer was served on category pages next to trips that qualify the visitor for a free ticket to Legoland if they purchased by the end of the month. In the basket, visitors were shown an in-page layer notifying them of the free ticket they would receive upon checkout.

Download this case study here

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