Crafting one-to-one personalized customer journeys for mobile web

Crafting one-to-one personalized journeys for mobile web

Crafting one-to-one personalized journeys for mobile web

How Hobbycraft are using Qubit Aura to increase revenue via mobile

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25,000+products stocked

products stocked

80+ stores across the UK

stores across the UK

Hobbycraft is the leading arts and crafts retailer in the UK and have been using the Qubit platform since October 2013. Qubit enable the company create personalized customer journeys, surfacing experiences that increase engagement and loyalty to the brand.

With thousands of products, across vast customer interests, matching preferences with relevant personalizations increases retention of both existing and new visitors. Hobbycraft recognize the importance of mobile web for the growth of their business, so became one of the first companies to use Qubit Aura.

With so many products to choose from, and the limited screen real estate, the experience on mobile web, and discovery process for customers is complex.

Following a seamless and quick integration period, Qubit Aura is used to solve the discoverability challenge and create an app-like experience to inspire, welcome and excite a visitor.

When a visitor arrives, the Qubit Aura icon appears. On selection, the experience is delivered and will adapt, in real-time, to selections the user makes. When a visitor returns, Qubit Aura will remember and surface relevant products based on past behavior.


“Maximizing screen real estate in mobile web is key. Through the use of Qubit Aura we’re able to do just that, but also make every experience unique and personalized to the mobile user at scale. As the solution is powered by artificial intelligence, and we’ve extensively tested the algorithms, we’re dramatically improving the amount of products viewed in each session which is having a massive impact on the amount a customer adds to cart”

Katherine Paterson
Customer Development Director


“We aim to make Hobbycraft the place where people feel inspired, welcome, and excited about craft.
To do this we need Qubit’s personalization technology to make every visitor feel special, no matter what digital channel they are in. With Qubit Aura it finally means we can easily inspire our visitors on mobile web, personalizing the experience for each individual, and allowing them to discover more of what Hobbycraft has to offer.”

Kate Hicks
Head of Online

Looking Ahead

Hobbycraft are making personalization a priority, and as the company grows so will demand from its customers across all channels. Creating experiences that inspire, welcome, and excite each and every visitor is a vision that becomes reality by using Qubit.

As Hobbycraft customers continue to use Qubit Aura, they will start to discover more of the product catalogue and be inspired to purchase more frequently, consequently increasing lifetime value for the business.

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