Leading the way toward the future of mobile commerce using Qubit Aura

Leading the way toward the future of mobile commerce
Wolf & Badger

Leading the way toward the future of mobile commerce

Wolf & Badger solving mobile discoverability challenge by delivering one-to-one personalization at scale

The low down

700independent global designers<br />

independent global designers

2010Established<br />


30,000products on the website

products on the website

Wolf & Badger is a global online marketplace for independent brands and emerging designers, allowing them to reach new audiences and markets. Working with Qubit since the beginning of 2016, the company has successfully leveraged the platform to tailor their onsite experience and get an in depth understanding of their visitors.

Traffic from mobile has been steadily increasing but conversions are lower than desktop which presents an acute problem. Acknowledging this challenge, Wolf & Badger became one of the first companies to use Qubit Aura, an AI-powered discoverability solution for mobile web.

Wolf & Badger recognized that with mobile what’s important is the joy of discovering new products, new designers and new trends easily. It's simple to filter products if you already know what you are looking for, but new users in discovery mode or those looking for inspiration don't want to miss out on anything that might be relevant.

By understanding the need to make discovering new products simple, Wolf & Badger trialled Qubit Aura. Using the AI-powered technology, when a visitor interacts with Qubit Aura, it adapts as the user engages. For example, if someone shows a preference for products from certain categories, Qubit Aura will then start to surface a list of products that match.


“We have over 30,000 products on our site, meaning discoverability is a challenge we're constantly working to improve. Qubit Aura directly addresses this problem for us on mobile, by giving users a personalised selection of products and categories from across our entire product catalogue, tailored exactly to the user. We’re already seeing that an increase in engagement can impact revenue.”

Emily Cuthbert
Product Manager


“Qubit Aura delivers an individual experience for every visitor and allows us to automatically tailor an app-like experience on our mobile site through the use of artificial intelligence. Fashion and style define a person’s identity, so providing a way to discover things that resonate with each unique user is key. Technology like Qubit allows us to deliver one-to-one personalisation for our visitors on mobile and at scale.”

Alex Crawley
Chief Technology Officer

Looking ahead

As visitors from mobile increase, there is undoubtedly an opportunity for conversion rates from this channel to improve. Qubit Aura, and the entire Qubit platform, will continue to be used by the company to consistently inspire visitors.

By having an astute understanding of how their customers interact with their brand they can create experiences that not only increase the discoverability of their diverse product range, but grow the business through solid personalization strategies in every channel.

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