Delivering a luxurious experience across channels

Delivering a luxurious experience across channels

Why they chose Qubit

“Our partnership with Qubit enables us to identify, understand, and reward VIP customers. The initiatives we have taken using geotargeting and multichannel optimization have allowed us to tailor the experience for our best customers, resulting in significantly more engagement across our site.”
Alison Conway, Director of Ecommerce and Digital

About Belstaff

Belstaff, founded in 1924, is one of Britain’s most esteemed heritage brands. It is known across the globe for its spirit of adventure, superb customer service, and image of total luxury.

The Challenge

Belstaff set the initiative to make its brand more fashion forward and modern. They approached Qubit with the challenge of optimizing their digital experience to increase sales and truly delight their customer from offline to online.

The Approach

As a luxury brand, conversion rates are typically low. VIPs or repeat, loyal customers, are extremely valuable. Qubit asked the question–how well are you really treating your VIPs? With an industry average of 16% conversion for this group, there was a huge opportunity to drive uplift. Belstaff and Qubit designed a VIP roadmap incorporating personalization strategies, geotargeting, and innovative techniques to drive multichannel cross-sell and deep engagement.

The following optimizations led to an achievement of 50% conversion rate for this segment, and the 2015 Fashion Futures award.

Optimizations delivered by Qubit

Exclusive launch previews

VIP offers

Big ideas for the future

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Exclusive launch previews

Exclusive launch previews Exclusive launch previews

Insight: Promoting pre-launch previews would motivate prospective customers to provide their contact details to enable future communications, increase engagement and repeat purchases.

Personalization: Exclusive emails were sent as an invitation to preview the new collection and get the first pick of items. This section of the site was locked with a sign-up layer that lifted when contact details were provided, resulting in the addition of 14K contacts into the database.

VIP offers

VIP offers

Insight: Belstaff could drive conversion uplift using tailored messaging and exclusive offers to show how much they value their loyal customers.

Personalization: Actual and predicted VIPs were identified by analyzing historical sales data, lifetime value and volume of purchases. When this segment returned to the site, a ‘thank you’ pop up layer was shown, offering free express shipping and localized customer service details. The promotion code was automatically applied to ensure a seamless experience.

Personalized boutique locator & exclusive in-store events

Personalized boutique locator and exclusive in-store events

Insight: To create an impressive omnichannel experience, Belstaff could use the strength of their digital channel combined with geotargeting to encourage customers to attend events in their local area.

Personalization: Geolocation data was used to invite customers to events held at their local boutiques. To promote this further, a banner showing the nearest boutique was served to visitors in relevant areas, inviting them to consult with staff in person. This drove 3K incremental engagements with the store locator and increased attendance at local events.

Big ideas for the future

Belstaff will continue to search for new ways to marry technologies and push innovation to lead the multichannel experience in their industry. They plan to further integrate their data supply chain across the business to enable new possibilities for engagement. For example, further linking email outreach with geolocation tech will enable them to bring sales and events teams together to direct users seamlessly between online and offline channels.

Key takeaways

Promoting multichannel cross-sell using geotargeting

Identifying and rewarding VIP customers beyond the standard loyalty program

Marrying technology to move and motivate customers in new ways

Truly recreating the offline experience online to deliver a consistent brand experience

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