Explore the BoyleSports and Qubit story

Explore the BoyleSports and Qubit story

Why they chose Qubit

“There are many conversion tools on the market that can personalize and test, but we felt there was a real risk of running out of steam after six months. Qubit enables us to perform the standard tests, but also uses data and analytics to really pinpoint where our biggest problems are along the customer journey. It is these informed, real-time optimizations that really delight our customers and drive results..”
Neil Garfield,
CMO, BoyleSports

Explore the BoyleSports and Qubit story:

Journey | Testimonials | Optimization tests

Their journey

In 2014 BoyleSports approached Qubit with the challenge of modernizing their digital customer experience.

Improved data collection and analytics was required to begin optimization and personalization of the site.

Qubit’s team, including Senior Strategists and a Lead Engineer, flew out to BoyleSports’ head office in Dundalk.

In a two-day intensive session, strategic objectives, key challenges, and big ideas were uncovered.

Qubit worked alongside the BoyleSports’ team to implement the Universal Variable, an open data layer enabling more granular data collection.

Testing roadmap was developed and executed collaboratively with weekly reporting and daily calls and updates.

This led to a huge success during the 2015 Cheltenham Festival: 18 tests in one week, a velocity that BoyleSports did not think possible.


"We were a true bricks and mortar operation with a small digital presence, but one that we felt had great potential. Improving performance required a greater understanding of user behavior and the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Qubit gives us insight into our user journeys that we never had before. We now have a dedicated optimization team running tests for us, Qubit has been integral to this journey"

Brendan Hughes,
Commercial Director

"We needed an end-to-end solution to improve our website based on user data. Qubit met that requirement but it was really the Universal Variable that I was sold on. The UV allows us to capture data and leverage it to personalize the experience and deliver conversion tests that meet our core product and revenue KPIs"

Tom Baker,
Head of Acquisition & Conversion Optimization

Optimization tests

Accumulator prompt

6% uplift in accumulator bets across mobile and desktop

Driving uplift of accumulator bets was a key metric for BoyleSports. The data revealed an opportunity to persuade users betting on multiple single bets to bet on accumulators. To achieve this, a layer was triggered when users selected two or more singles bets, stating the additional amount they could win if they bet on accumulators. This solution was made possible by the Universal Variable which linked up session data with betting data to serve the appropriate message.

Welcome message

5% uplift in new account creation

BoyleSports were able to segment users by session and location for the first time and target users with a country-specific welcome message offering £50 (or local currency equivalent) for signing up.

Countdown timer

5% conversion uplift

Qubit implemented a countdown timer that started 30 minutes before a fixture kick-off, and turned red with five minutes to go to instill a greater sense of urgency on pre-match markets.

Looking forward

The results that BoyleSports have achieved has led the business to develop a dedicated optimization team to drive digital customer experience, with Qubit technology at the heart. BoyleSports is on track to begin implementing more tests in-house, with Qubit empowering their team and growing with them as they scale.

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