Weather targeting and visitor history personalization

Weather targeting and visitor history personalization

Why they chose Qubit

“We’ve been working with Qubit for a number of years, producing innovative tests and truly targeted personalizations. Their managed service has been like an extension of the team, aligning with our strategies and helping us optimize our website conversion rates. Having access to their data has let us develop sophisticated solutions for and we look forward to our continued work.”
Richard Wilson,
Head of Digital, Burton

Founded in 1903, Burton has been suiting the men of Britain for over 100 years. Qubit and Burton began working together in early 2012 as part of Qubit’s larger work with Arcadia, bringing personalization and testing to the forefront of their digital strategy. With a young and online-savvy customer base, Burton are using the Qubit platform to implement innovative personalizations to drive conversions and improve visitor return rates.

Available case studies:

Video case study | Weather targeting in real-time | Content engagement | Urgency messaging | Visitor History

Video case study

Weather targeting in real-time

Burton were looking for a targeted personalization that coincided with their merchandizing strategy. Qubit had also begun development on a weather add-on, utilizing their platform as well as an external API. It was hypothesized that personalizing the products on the homepage, depending upon the visitor’s local weather, would increase conversions. Using Qubit’s Deliver, Burton took over a tile on their homepage, directing users to weather appropriate products. This would rotate between three different creatives: one with the visitor’s local weather and temperature, another with the recommended product, and lastly, a styled model photograph. As a result, Burton saw an 11.6% uplift in conversions for all users.

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Content engagement

Visitors who viewed the ‘Denim Guide’ had a 5x higher conversion rate. A red tab was triggered on Burton’s ‘Men’s Jeans’ pages for all visitors. When a user hovers over the tab, a toggle layer slides out directing users to engage with the Denim Guide.

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Urgency messaging

For items to arrive in time for Christmas, Burton users have the option to use an ‘express delivery’ option at checkout. Burton used two separate countdown timers, one in a banner over the homepage hero image and another on their product pages. The layer informed users that they would still be able to recieve their item in time for Christmas, if they ordered within the remaining time shown.

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Visitor History

While using Qubit’s customer feedback tool, Visitor Opinion, Burton saw that delivery charges were holding people back from purchasing. Taking this qualitative feedback onboard, Burton decided to fire a layer on the basket page to reduce cart abandonment. When the visitor arrived on the basket page an overlay layer was triggered 1.5 seconds after their entrance. The layer informed the visitor that they were eligible for a one-time discount code that would provide them with free next day delivery.

Download this case study here

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