Building a better customer experience through product recommendations and email acquisition

An online retailer creating lifelong memories for families, geeks, and fun-lovers of all ages

Building a better customer experience through product recommendations and email acquisition

The low down began with one mother making homemade Halloween costumes for her family in Mankato, Minnesota. Now their brand is one of the largest online destinations for costumes and accessories for what they call “the most fun holiday ever invented.”


onsite experiences
during peak season

1 monster
on staff


costume selection
in the world


Customer experience
when it counts – part of – does the majority of their year’s business in the couple of months leading up to October 31st. With so many orders coming in such a short time, the website has to run smoothly or risk losing revenue. Whether children or families, sci-fi geeks or college students, the experience has to be spot on, creating memories that will last forever.

fun-dot-com September October November 120,000visits

“From a crawl, walk, run standpoint, we were in the walking stage of our personalization efforts, and Qubit is helping us to get to a run.”

Mark Bietz
VP of Product

Smarter product recommendations

Before Qubit, product recommendations suffered from a lack of data—they weren’t able to do much more than see what products were frequently purchased together. The Qubit solution provides deep analytics so the team can better understand how recommendations are performing and how they’re impacting the buying journey.

increase in engagement
uplift in conversions

“When all of our systems are really well-oiled, it allows us to really deliver the joy and fun of Halloween and to have people want to come back to us and tell their friends about us.”

Ashley Flitter
Director of User Experience

Creative email acquisition

As a seasonal business, has to stay top of mind during the dry months of March and April, which makes email collection integral to their strategy. Using Qubit, they launched a series of onsite experiences to collect more emails. Several different email collection methods were explored, including where in the user journey to make the request or whether to offer a discount in exchange.

increased email acquisition

“One of our biggest challenges is making sure that each customer is getting a personalized experience. Because of Qubit’s products, we can get a clearer picture and serve them a better, more relevant experience.”

Mark Bietz
VP of Product

Tried and tested profitability

One of Mark’s favorite things about Qubit is the ability to go much deeper than what he gets from Google Analytics. The Qubit platform was able to ingest the cost associated with making, acquiring, and shipping each product in order to provide reports that spoke to actual profitability. Mark’s team used this to evaluate the true impact of their changes and make improvements to the site experience with the confidence that they were making good decisions for the business.

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