Taking off with Qubit and Jet2

Taking off with Qubit and Jet2

Why they chose Qubit

"Since partnering with Qubit we have delivered real improvements to our customer experience. We are now able to identify customer segments, understand their needs, and rapidly respond with relevant content and offers. Qubit understands our goals, and provides the technology and support we need to achieve them."

Joe McCarroll,
User Experience Manager

Jet2 use Qubit technology and professional services to deliver rich online experiences through advanced segmentation, opportunity identification, testing and personalization.

Jet2 big ideas for the future

  • Weather targeting prompting users to escape bad conditions
  • Improving multi-channel use by enabling users to save holidays to purchase later
  • Urgency messaging such as countdown timers and limited seat notifications

Optimizations delivered by Qubit

Geotargeting for Scottish visitors | Flexible on dates | Simplify tablet UX | Improving look and feel

Geotargeted personalization for Scottish visitors

Jet2 believed that targeting users with location specific offers would drive engagement and conversion. Using Qubit’s geotargeting technology, they could engage users based on their proximity to UK airports.

Jet2 achieved an uplift in bookings by creating city level visitor segments, and personalizing the homepage with targeted hero banners and location specific offers.

Download the case study here

Flexible on dates

Many Jet2 customers don’t have a specific date in mind when searching, and would be more concerned about price. Jet2 preselected ‘flexible on dates’ which directed users to a view where they could compare prices across an entire month to identify the lowest fare. This shortened the path to purchase and drove conversion uplift.

Download the case study here

Simplify tablet UX

Qubit identified a frustration on the path to purchase when using a tablet - certain elements reset the search when clicked, taking the user back to the start of their journey. Jet2 achieved an uplift in bookings using device segmentation to streamline the booking funnel on tablets to keep users on the path to purchase.

Download the case study here

Improving look and feel

Jet2 visitors are presented with a large amount of information along their online journey. Simplifying the promotion of ancillary products to make messaging more clear would make the purchase experience better. Jet2 achieved conversion uplift by improving the experience of purchasing additional baggage, making the offer more clear and the process to select desired products quicker

Download the case study here

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