Using visitor analytics to optimize customer experience

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Using visitor analytics to optimize customer experience

Why they chose Qubit

“Delivering our customers an excellent online experience is something we’re heavily invested in. Our partnership with Qubit has enabled us to understand more about our visitors than ever before. With this knowledge, we are now optimizing the customer journey to delight, engage, and inspire our visitors.”
Neal Hunt,
Head of Digital and Brand Group

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Their journey

Approached Qubit in 2014 to optimize customer experience, requiring a solution that could provide the scale and agility necessary to support enterprise needs.

Stage 1: Analytics
Before Qubit, L&G had limited information about on-site behavior. User journey analytics and proactive visitor feedback were used to derive actionable insights that L&G applied to identify and tackle key problem areas of the site.

Stage 2: Attribution
Together with Greenlight Digital, Qubit’s behavioral attribution modeling drove 400% increase in ROI on PPC with a 434% increase in clicks.

Stage 3: Scale
After strong initial success the use of Qubit technology spread across the business.

Today, L&G use Qubit’s Visitor Cloud and Deliver to identify opportunities for optimization and serve their visitors tailored online experiences.


"The information we now have on what our users think, feel, and do is invaluable. We are able to optimize our content plans and create marketing campaigns that truly resonate with our customers in order to drive engagement and conversion."

Dennis Wildman,
Campaign Manager

Optimization tests

Behavioral Attribution

Challenge: L&G needed a solution to drive traffic and improve UX on their new personal finance microsite built in partnership with Rough Guides.

Solution: Using Visitor Cloud and attribution L&G was able to determine the highest performing channels and adapt their marketing efforts to increase traffic. Using Deliver and journey mapping, behavior between the main site and microsite was analyzed to identify UX and content optimizations.

Visitor feedback

Challenge: L&G invest significant resources in educational content, yet before Qubit they had limited insight as to how it was received and what their users were interested in.

Solution: Proactive visitor feedback was used to gather content specific insights. Visitor Opinion to was used capture Voice of the Customer with respect to overall customer experience.

Personalizing the journey

Challenge: L&G wanted to drive higher engagement and conversion by delighting customers with personalized user experiences based on visitor and session data.

Solution: Using Visitor Cloud and Deliver, tailored messaging layers were created to personalize the experience. Initial results have been very positive with significant increase in clicks and user engagement

Looking forward

For L&G, it’s critical to understand where a user is in their purchase cycle as well as in their life stage. Getting access to this level of visitor data opens up incredible opportunities for customer experience innovation. Looking forward to the near future they are developing ways to serve hyper-relevant offers and content that directly appeal to each user. The ability to do this will define L&G as a leader in customer experience within the financial services industry


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