Winning website personalization for luxury fashion

L.K. Bennett
Winning website personalization for luxury fashion

Why they chose Qubit

"Qubit has given us the ability to serve specialized layers to target specific groups of users. With amazing success! We are now able to reach core groups of customers and engage directly with them, quickly and most importantly with low cost implications. There is no doubt that this is helping to drive our long-term growth.”
Claire Goodman,
CRM Manager, L.K. Bennett

Founded in 1990, L.K.Bennett is a luxury retailer famous for its signature kitten heel shoes. Qubit and L.K.Bennett started working together in 2012, with the aim to find compelling visitor insights, and ensure ROI on merchandising tests. As a luxury brand, L.K.Bennett is focused on giving its customers the best possible experience, and uses the Qubit platform to make this happen.

Available case studies:

Abandonment catching in real time | Urgency messages | Geo targeting | Email sign-up

Abandonment catching in real time

Using Qubit’s visitor history data, LK Bennett were able to target a high-value customer group: engaged users who had not purchased before. They decided to target users who had added items to their basket, but never purchased. Using Qubit’s exit page logic, a layer was fired when someone was leaving the basket page after adding a product to their basket, in order to tempt users with free delivery.

Download this case study here

Urgency messages

Analysis showed that when UK users interacted with the returns policy page their propensity to convert increased significantly. When a visitor viewed a product, a message layer faded in the right top corner to show that LK Bennett offered free returns. This layer provided a 14% lift in conversion rates for UK users, and has now been rolled out on LK Bennett’s site.

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Analysis showed that when International users interacted with the delivery page their propensity to convert increased significantly. Additionally, Exit Feedback showed that international visitors were unaware of the free overseas delivery service. The personalization delivered a 10% uplift in overall conversion rates. After the testing period, LK Bennett made the layer a permanent fixture on their site.

Download this case study here

Email sign-up

LK Bennett were looking to increase user engagement for their UK market, and also expand their growing US market. By getting users to sign up for a mailing list, LK Bennett can engage customers over the long term. A email sign up layer was shown to each of the segmented groups encouraging them to sign up for LK Bennett’s mailing list. US users on the UK site were also redirected to LK Bennett’s US site, and put on the US mailing list. Overall total sign ups on the UK site increased by 38.2%, and sign ups on the US site increased by 32%.

Download this case study here

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