Low stock urgency messaging and third party tech validation

Monsoon Accessorize
Low stock urgency messaging and third party tech validation

Why they chose Qubit

“Qubit’s expertise in ecommerce, backed up by its data, gives us the confidence to go ahead with our testing. Being able to rigorously validate our third party technologies removes the need to rely on a ‘gut feel’ and replaces it with statistically reliable data – while being able to deploy the technology through Qubit means we can continue to monitor its effectiveness. We’re so pleased with our results and are looking forward to seeing more sustained uplifts with the Qubit platform.”

Mark Dugdale,
Head of Online Marketing

Available case studies
Low stock pointer | Validating third party technology

More than a 10% increase in conversion rate

The number of items in stock was not communicated to visitors when they were selecting their size. As a visitor selected their size on the product page, if there were fewer than five items in stock, a layer appeared showing how many items were in stock. This change resulted in over 10% increased conversion rate for both Monsoon and Accessorize. As a result of this success, the change has been rolled out on all international sites.

Download the case study here

Validating third party technology with A/B testing

Qualitative data, from Visitor Opinion, and quantitative data, from Discover, repeatedly highlighted the search functionality as a ‘weak point’ of the site. Monsoon wanted to test a third party search technology to see if it would improve conversion rates as well as validating it to see if it would be ROI positive.The 50/50 A/B test was split between the control and the new third party search functionality. Once the test reached statistical significance and saw an uplift in conversion, Monsoon validated the technology for financial viability by looking at the incremental revenue it was creating against the technology cost.

Download the case study here

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