Abandonment recovery and tech consolidation

How Parcel2Go transformed their abandonment

recovery campaigns using Qubit’s platform

The low down

Since implementation, Qubit has enabled Parcel2Go to deliver real-time optimizations to their digital experience without needing to rely on agencies or be restricted by development cycles. Parcel2Go have cut costs and technology management resource by replacing point solutions with Qubit as a central platform that handles both customer data, analytics and experience management


Migrated abandonment
recovery tests to Qubit
in 30 days

Cut costs and streamlined
tech management using Qubit
as primary vendor


additional uplift using
personalised messaging
in exit layer

Roadmap in place for
advanced personalisation
using Visitor Cloud

Who are Parcel2Go?

Parcel2Go has two arms: A parcel comparison site that makes sending parcels easier and cheaper; and a white label solution for customer service brands like UPS and TNT. After 12 years of steady growth Parcel2Go wanted to cement their market leadership by investing in digital customer experience.

“With Qubit, we only have to deal with one primary vendor for managing our customer data, deriving actionable insights and serving optimized experiences”

Adam Harris
Marketing Director, Parcel2Go

Why they chose Qubit

The data-driven nature
was unrivaled

Versatility of platform
enables tech consolidation

Outstanding UK-based
client services team

Short and long term
CX needs supported

Abandonment recovery

To get started, Parcel2Go needed to migrate their existing abandonment recovery campaigns from their point solution provider over to Qubit in order to reduce costs and access the sophistication of Qubit’s Visitor Cloud to do more advanced optimizations in the future.

Qubit’s Visitor Cloud enables relevant messaging to be linked to key customer segments at any stage of the user journey. This opens up incredible possibilities for customer data-driven optimizations and personalizations.


Qubit gathered all requirements from Parcel2Go, built five campaigns with three variations each, collected and actioned feedback and quality assurance tested each campaign.

With the complexity of the audience segmentation and triggering rules in each campaign, precision and accuracy were key.


The leadership and proactive communication by Qubit’s Client Services enabled successful execution ahead of the 30 day deadline.

The additional functionality of Qubit’s platform enabled Parcel2Go to include personalized messaging within the exit layers. This led to a 2% increase in conversion compared to the non-personalized message.

Parcel2Go now has more control as costs are predictable because they are not based on a commission model. Thus, an unlimited number of campaigns can be running simultaneously with all uplifts in conversion going to the bottom line and not eroding margin.

increase in engagement

“Qubit’s Client Services team has become an invaluable extension of our own team, bringing additional knowledge and experience that we wouldn’t be able to get using multiple technologies and agencies”

Jay Townley
Head of UX and Design

Looking forward

Parcel2Go’s work with Qubit is expanding quickly beyond abandonment recovery and simple AB testing. With the wide range of customers that shop daily, data-driven personalization is critical to customer retention and lifetime value maximization.

The next goal is to use the Visitor Cloud in conjunction with CRM data to deliver end-to-end personalization for key segments, including tailored homepage messaging, pre-selected courier services and pre-populated form fields. This is the kind of enhanced customer experience that will give Parcel2Go a real competitive edge within its industry.

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