Enhancing the digital customer experience through advanced data-driven personalizations

Scott Dunn
Enhancing the digital customer experience through advanced data-driven personalizations

Why they chose Qubit

"The great thing about Qubit is they have really strong experience in the travel sector and that enables them to get on the front foot in terms of showing us the way forward with personalization, because it can make an enormous, enormous difference, as we've seen."

Graham Horner,
Chief Marketing Officer


Scott Dunn, an award-winning tour operator, specializes in luxury holidays and tailor-made honeymoons to amazing destinations worldwide. Their expert team spend a month every year seeking out bespoke experiences and fine-tuning their local knowledge to ensure that each of their guests has a holiday to remember. They began working with Qubit in 2012 to understand their customer segments and to deliver and test their website personalizations more effectively.

Available case studies
Real-time customer feedback | Helpful messaging | Creating a sense of urgency | Pushing users to inspirational content

Website redesign from real-time customer feedback

Using Qubit’s exit feedback tool, Visitor Opinion, Scott Dunn were able to deep dive into their visitor segments. They learnt that visitors were often finding it hard to navigate around the site. They hypothesized that if they could improve the navigation and drop down menus, they would be able to reduce customer frustration and increase conversion rates. Scott Dunn used Qubit’s Deliver platform to launch their new navigation and test its effect. The new drop-downs created a shortcut for customers to reach content they were looking for. The test was triggered for all website visitors and fired when they interacted with the top navigation menu. Scott Dunn found this design change had a 9.25% uplift in enquiries.

Download the case study here

Helpful messaging

Visitor Opinion highlighted that users didn’t know how to book with Scott Dunn. A block with clear calls-to-action was triggered, explaining the booking process to visitors. This appeared on any page that had a ‘What’s Hot’ section and to visitors who were not ‘loyalty members’ or who had not received a quote yet.

Download the case study here

Pushing users to inspirational content

Serving inspirational content to visitors will increase conversion rates. To provide inspiration for these ‘lost users’, the main hero image was taken over and directed first session visitors to specific high-converting content: i.e. either the ‘what’s hot’ section, the ‘holiday planner’, or the ‘top 10s’. This was triggered to show on their fifth pageview and for only 10 seconds.

Download the case study here

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