A leading online retailer, committed to helping customers curate their dream home

A leading online retailer, committed to helping customers curate their dream home

Delivering a unique customer experience through data-driven personalization and product recommendations

At a glance

VictoriaPlum.com supplies quality design at good value through an online only approach. A focus on enhancing the customer journey at every opportunity gives their customers full confidence in their choices.


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Chris Amor

“As a high growth pure play ecommerce retailer in a traditionally offline industry, understanding the complex interactions which occur over a high involvement considered purchase is key to our commercial performance. We selected Qubit due to their comprehensive and flexible approach to data and analytics and the ability to operationalize this data directly through Qubit’s platform.”

Chris Amor
Head of Insight

The journey

VictoriaPlum.com starts working with Qubit
Data collection and analytics:
Working with Qubit, VictoriaPlum.com was able to create an end-to-end view of their customer using session level data
Evaluating risks:
With this in place, they used Qubit technology to evaluate the business impact of changing their returns policy
Beginning in January the core of the site was in place by July.
The challenge then was to fully realize their ambitions, including Product Recommendations, as well as addressing the impact on conversions from replatforming
Product Recommendations:
Moving from alpha tester to customer within a month, driving incremental revenue
Today VictoriaPlum.com use the Qubit platform to strategically drive constant innovation within their team and the wider business.
Their work on consistently evolving VictoriaPlum.com based on data driven insights means it is now up 10% on conversions versus the previous site

“Implementing Qubit was straightforward, with consistent data collection removing much of the complex tracking set-up required by other providers. At VictoriaPlum.com we require one consistent, centralized data source. The closed loop nature of the Qubit platform is crucial to us as it enables us to identify particular behaviors, and then target these segments with super relevant experiences on-site. We believe this would be much harder to do using a group of solutions provided by different vendors.”

Chris Amor
Head of Insight

Understanding the customer journey

VictoriaPlum.com found that most analytics platforms were not providing enough flexibility to get to the required data. Qubit’s platform gives them access to the data they need for reporting, which they can then action through the same platform.

Their in-house team used Qubit to segment users by basket value. Joining up individual sessions allowed them to understand the end to end user journey, their propensity toward abandonment, and length of time to conversion based on various factors.

VictoriaPlum.com use this information to make decisions on their approach to promotions and basket abandonment, creating and iterating on insight-driven experiences to deliver uplifts in conversion and revenue.

Customer Journey Step 1
Customer Journey Step 1
Customer Journey Step 1
Bathroom Bathroom

Recommendations: making curation easy

VictoriaPlum.com’s research indicated that bathroom buyers often require a second opinion. To help customers curate their dream bathroom they initially considered building a recommendations engine in-house, or using a third-party solution.

VictoriaPlum.com quickly realized they could take advantage of Qubit’s technology to implement recommendations quickly and easily, utilizing the existing data layer and capabilities from Visitor Cloud to serve highly relevant products. Joining as an alpha tester, they saw clear value and had total confidence in the data science behind the Recommendations solution.

Product page recommendations alone have achieved a 1% uplift, equating to a huge potential impact sitewide. Recommendations are making navigation easier for customers too, accounting for more than 10% of clicks on product pages.

increase in conversion
of clicks on product pages
De-risking returns

De-risking returns

VictoriaPlum.com suspected that their 14 day returns policy was having an adverse impact on conversions, but any extension to this time period could potentially incur high costs.

The in-house team built and launched a test that served messaging around a new, year long policy against the original policy. The new policy achieved a 7.3% uplift in conversions. The benefit of the new policy outweighed the perceived risk, and it’s now been adopted sitewide.

uplift in conversion
De-risking returns

Low stock, selling fast!

VictoriaPlum.com wanted to drive urgency by serving appropriate messaging where they had low stock for a particular item. The team implemented an optimization that displayed low stock warnings on relevant product pages.

Products with low stock messaging saw a 3.3% uplift on revenue per converter, demonstrating the impact of urgency messaging, even on high ticket items.

uplift on revenue per converter

In summary

The combination of a flexible integrated approach to data and analytics, and the ability to then action insights via on-site experiences, including the ones above, has driven a 25x gross ROI for VictoriaPlum.com.

The future

“In the last 12 months we’ve brought in a head of UX and expanded our development capability, our team is all in house. We're looking to push the boundaries of ecommerce and Qubit gives us not only the data but the ability to test and learn that is crucial to developing the right solutions. In the next 12 months our focus is on developing market leading ecommerce functionality. We want to build a customer experience that’s not easy to replicate and Qubit is a huge piece of getting this right.”

Chris Amor
Head of Insight

What’s next?


Mobile traffic has doubled in the past 18 months. Recognizing the importance of personalization on smaller devices, VictoriaPlum.com have already implemented Recommendations on mobile.

Conquering new categories

VictoriaPlum.com knows bathrooms, but moving into selling across homeware categories will be a new challenge. Data will be critical in understanding how people buy these new products.

Getting it right

In a competitive market differentiating themselves with a customer centric approach is key for VictoriaPlum.com. Qubit helps ensure they understand and are interacting with customers in the right way in order to drive conversions. It sounds simple, but it’s difficult to get right.

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