Customer experience optimizations along the path to purchase
Customer experience optimizations along the path to purchase

Why they chose Qubit

“We work with more than 130 independent luxury fashion boutiques, each with its own diverse collection of designer pieces. Our business model comes with unique challenges. Surfacing the right products and information to reduce complexity along the customer journey is critical. Qubit enables us to truly understand our visitors and respond in real time to optimize and tailor all points of their online experience.”

Joost van der Veer
CEO, use Qubit’s platform to delight their customers from start to finish use Qubit technology and services to deliver rich online experiences. optimize each stage of the purchase path from consideration through to conversion, delivering a great customer experience that also drives bottom line growth.

This case study explores a range of techniques used to drive the conversion uplifts shown below.

  • Welcome messaging – 1.9% uplift
  • Highlighting service USPs – 2.8% uplift
  • Urgency messaging – 4.5% uplift
  • Low stock messaging – 7.5% uplift

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