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Acquire and activate

Make your marketing spend work harder. Boost acquisition and activation through the proven power of personalization.
Acquire and activate

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Win customer loyalty by providing experiences they just won’t get elsewhere. Finally leverage the wealth of your customer data to differentiate your product, increase net gaming revenue and customer lifetime value
Retain and engage

Winning the customer experience race

Today’s users are more demanding, less loyal and seeking seamless, contextually relevant experiences. At the same time, rapid commoditization across the eGaming industry has made it more difficult to differentiate. Pulling in users with acquisition offers alone has become unsustainable and investment in customer experience is now a necessity.

Our solutions

Use the wisdom of the crowds to Use the wisdom of the crowds to highlight trending games and sporting events in each geographical region

Utilize your wealth of customer behaviour data to provide one to one recommendations

Use onsite behaviors to trigger targeted messaging via your ESP and/or push notification providers

Put your customer understanding to work like never before to create dynamic, real time segments of your visitors

Collect and, more importantly, operationalize qualitative data collected through quick incremental surveys and polls

Get real time access to all your on site visitor data, enabling you to build live performance dashboards and understand customer journeys like never before



Watch Bhavik Patel, Head of Analytics & Optimization, 
discuss thinking big and starting small when it comes 
to customer experience

Betfair is continually looking to improve the customer experience by using the latest technology. With Qubit, we’ve been able to deploy the ‘My Winners’ experience, a tailored personalisation based on horse racing betting history - it's the first of its kind in our industry.

Liam Barbour

Head of Product Management, Betfair

We always ask ourselves, have we tried doing this? The product team might say, actually, we want to launch this feature, but we want to see if it’s going to be valuable, and deliver ROI. Qubit are able to go in, create a quick version, and use it as a proof of concept. Then the product team can take it away, with the knowledge that what they’re about to build is valuable. Qubit are consistently coming up with ideas, and consistently delivering.

Bhavik Patel

Head of Analytics & Optimization, Ladbrokes

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