Put the ‘personal’ back into finance to drive a loyal customer base and increase lifetime value

Key challenges

Treat your customers right, from online to in-branch

Drive loyalty by breaking down data silos to build a single customer view

Defend a position in a changing market

Lack of effective measurement on the success of your existing acquisition channels to optimize your acquisition spend

Predict your customers’ next move

Understand how they shop, correctly attribution conversion and predict and stop churn

Core solutions

Cross channel personalization

Know your customers from in-branch to online and understand where your customers are in their purchase cycle, as well as their life stage, then personalise their experience across every channel

Increase lifetime value

Increase LTV using behavioural attribution and visitor footprint to predict the most profitable customers and personalise their experience with tailored messaging and offers

Drive customer retention

Analyze your customer base to identify which customers are most likely to churn then personalize their experience and provide exclusive offers to stop them

Form optimisation

Drive conversion by pinpointing problem areas on forms, testing, and personalising the form fill process to reduce barriers and provide a seamless experience

Visitor pulse

Help your customers choose the right bank account, mortgage, or insurance package by listening to their feedback across channels to them with the right educational content, customer service, and product offering

Optimise marketing spend

Lower acquisition costs by using behavioural attribution and visitor analytics to determine which channels attract the most profitable visitors

AB and MV Testing

Drive customer loyalty by providing them with the optimal experience of shopping for bank accounts, loans, and mortgages online – don’t guess about changes to site

Social proof

Build trust and credibility for a user by pointing to the behaviour and reviews of other customers like them. Show them that 200 other people in their area bought life insurance that month, or surface reviews from other new homebuyers

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