Machine Learning

Qubit machine learning

Qubit trawls through big data so you can deliver big results

Big impact

Scale mountains of customer data with AI
Customer data is one of the biggest and most complex data sets companies ever have to handle because of the volume of customer interactions involved. Machine learning enables Qubit to uncover insight from across hundreds of different data points - behavioral, quantitative and qualitative - all streaming in at speed.

Automatically uncover insight
This scale and complexity can also make it one of the most difficult data sets to put to work. By automating the process with machine learning, your focus becomes capitalizing on each opportunity.
Big impact

The Qubit ML Engine

Opportunity mining
Our ML engine automatically finds and exposes valuable revenue opportunities for your attention - automating segment discovery and helping you focus your web personalization efforts.

Recommendations by segment
Machine learning enables our recommendations to grow - to become more effective - for predefined customer segments.

Uncover valuable opportunities

Automate segment discovery
Qubit uses cutting edge data science and machine learning to discover revenue opportunities and sorts them, ready for your attention.

Focus your efforts, target your audience
You can target the identified visitor groups with personalizations or save them for monitoring or analysis, to see how you can earn the possible associated revenue.

Uncover valuable opportunities

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