Our infrastructure: Personalization built for the cloud

Our infrastructure

Personalization built for the cloud

Under the hood of the Visitor Cloud

The Visitor Cloud is at the heart of Qubit's data supply chain and comprises of four parts: processing the data and enriching through categorisation; storage in a large scalable database; aggregation and routing and preparing for data warehouse consumption and then finally providing access in Qubit's data warehouse. At each stage the data is accessible via API. The use of API is dependent on the use case with variations ranging from large batch data exports in the Bulk API, to quicker than a blink of an eye real time lookups in the Record API.

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Globally scaled infrastructure

Our globally replicated infrastructure processes billions of data points a day and stores over 3 PB of data across our network

Cloud Native APIs

Qubit provides Cloud Native APIs to enable you to import and export the data that matters to your business and your applications

Real-time big data processing

Processing thousands of data points in real time

Qubit’s real-time global infrastructure

Qubit has globally distributed clusters of servers located in strategic regions. This system provides our clients with a low latency, highly scalable, always-on infrastructure, ideally suited for websites in all markets with international visitor traffic.

Low latency application services

Qubit’s applications draw data from the Visitor Cloud - this provides real-time access to the entirety of a visitor’s onsite purchase and browsing history as well as any other appended data. This information can then be used for analytics, segmentation and personalization applications, to quickly surface insights and serve targeted content.

  • "As more and more companies find gold in data that must be processed at scale and accessed in real-time, I predict that Qubit’s architecture will be imitated and HBASE will become a vital node in a data supply chain"
    Dan Woods, Forbes

Three pillars of successful digital experience

Experience Management

Bring your brand to life in the most compelling way for your customers

Data Management

Break down data silos and create a comprehensive centralized customer record of your visitor


Reporting and analytics solutions to help you make faster and more impactful decisions

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