A guide to boosting conversion in the auto industry

A guide to boosting conversion in the auto industry
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Digital customer experience in the automotive industry has never been more important. Richard Branson may have been selling cars online 13 years ago, but the industry has been relatively slow moving in terms of digital since then. This is no longer the case. Disruption in the industry is increasing and here to stay. Furthermore, the Expectation Economy is changing consumer behaviour. Prospects are more savvy; more informed; and less patient. We’ve created this best practice guide to share our learnings from working across the automotive industry with key players like Car Shop and RAC on how the automotive industry can optimize customer experience.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you’re missing the picture if you’re focused on First or Last Click
  • How to drive engagement using personalization, product recommendations and geotargeting
  • How to leverage the influence of peers to drive urgency and trust
  • How to effectively use self segmentation to optimize and tailor each user’s experience
  • How marrying up visitor feedback with analytics will give you a competitive advantage
  • How to use online data to drive offline sales by providing your sales teams with online user reports

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