Don’t call it a comeback

Don’t call it a comeback
Strategies for abandonment recovery

Abandonment is inevitable in today’s digital landscape, but abandonment recovery doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead of seeing abandoners as hopeless non-converters, Qubit helps brands transform this universal issue into a revenue driving opportunity. Your business is unique, and the way you define abandonment is likely just as unique. So why approach it in the same way as everyone else? The keys to making your abandonment recovery efforts count is understanding your visitors personally, knowing when and why they abandon, and realizing what will bring them back.

The digital landscape is massive. Your customers aren’t going to make a miraculous comeback without an effort to draw them back in, and hooking them on your brand is entirely up to you. With successful abandonment recovery efforts, you can keep your customers engaged before they leave or re-engage them after they’re gone.

In this guide, we will take a deeper look into the different types of abandonment and how to approach it in ways that will reap rewards instead of losses. We’ll show you how Qubit customers have used the our solution and seen significant uplifts in conversion and incremental revenue of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week.

If you’re ready to transform the way you approach your abandoners and start viewing them as an opportunity, then download our guide to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the potential revenue left on the table every year due to abandoned baskets
  • Understand the thought process behind abandonment and learn the top reasons that customers leave without making a purchase
  • Develop hyper-relevant incentives for customers to keep them engaged, or re-engage them after they’ve exited
  • Master the way you reach your abandoners: timing & tactics
  • Find out how Qubit has driven uplifts in revenue and conversion for clients using our abandonment recovery solution

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