Styling your website for success

Styling your website for success

Personalization tips for beauty retailers

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The book

The beauty industry is ripe for personalization! With so many different types of products on offer, so much room for creative flare and such frequent repeat purchasing, pairing the right person with the right product represents true nirvana.

The biggest difference between on- and offline is creating that same sense of tangibility as there is stores. What online has in its favor is the ability to absorb customer data. The more a shopper shops, the more you know, meaning that product recommendations can become more useful, sampling gets smarter and replenishment can happen from the sofa.

This book reveals six key tactics you can use to get closer to your customers.

A look inside

We’ll be taking a data driven approach, traveling through the different stages of the buyer journey, examining personalization opportunities in each area:
  • Making Mobile discovery easy
  • Finding products faster and utilising educational content
  • Smarter ways to tackle replenishment
  • Recognising what it takes to drive loyalty
A look inside

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