The Past, Present and Future of Website Optimization

The Past, Present and Future of Website Optimization
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Testing for optimization of the customer experience is gaining traction. The biggest surge of activity has been in the last two or three years as companies have been able to integrate technologies with their existing solutions, helping teams across the business embrace the idea of embarking on a process of almost continuous change. A/B testing is enabling companies to tailor their customer’s experience.

But this is not without its challenges. Drawn from in-depth interviews with ecommerce professionals from brands such as TOPSHOP, Tele2, Shop Direct, Best Western Hotels, Farfetch, LV and Gatwick Airport, this report will give you insight into how website optimization is used within leading companies.

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“Personalisation is the most exciting challenge and the hardest. There’s so much we can do but it’s finding out what you should and what will add value”.
Senior Digital Marketing and Social Manager, Rachel Waller, Farfetch

"Customers don't make mistakes on purpose".
Paul Hornby, Head of Ecommerce, Shop Direct.

"The consumer has so much more choice and you have to give them what they want, not what you want them to want".
Matthew Gratze, Head of Ecommerce, Ann Summers

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