Forrester Market Overview

Forrester Market Overview
Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platforms

When your website is your biggest store and digital influenced commerce is set to reach $1.8 trillion by 2018 (Forrester), it’s plain to see why vendors are hustling to create digital customer experience platforms.

However, problems exist in the way vendors approach this goal - via acquisition. The results are complex portfolios of products that lack usability for marketers, their intended audience.

In this report, Forrester defines the emerging digital customer experience delivery platform and explore the vendors delivering these solutions. Qubit is championed as a feature rich marketing-centric solution, with best-of-breed offerings for analytics, A/B testing and optimization, as well as strengths in product recommendation.

What you will learn:

  • An excellent overview of the technologies needed to create a digital customer experience delivery platform
  • An overview of ‘who’s bought who’ within the vendor landscape in order to deliver on the promise of digital customer experience 
  • How Forrester sees the likes of Qubit as solutions that “put tools in the hands of marketers … often as a supplement to a client’s core WCM or eCommerce platform

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