Forrester: The Rise of the Empowered Customer

Forrester: The Rise of the Empowered Customer
Consumers’ Evolving Behaviors and Attitudes Set The Pace for Innovation

Empowered consumers fuel the age of the customer — you’ve likely heard this repeatedly. They now have more choices, richer resources, and higher demands than in the past. But this is more than just a catchy idea; it is a measurable trend. In this report, Forrester proves it.

This report reveals how evolutions in customer behaviors and attitudes are manifesting themselves and measures how urgently brands must move toward customer obsession. Forrester show how CMOs can thrive in the age of the customer by understanding how your customers are evolving and prioritizing changes to match.

 Forrester's key takeaways: 

  • The five key forces for change in consumer behaviours, attitudes and expectations that lead to customer empowerment and digital adoption.

  • Forrester present a framework to help you understand how five key customer segments are changing.

  • How you can use Forrester’s Empowered Customer Segmentation to gauge the rate of your customers’ evolution and anticipate their demand for innovation.

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