Retail's pivotal moment

Retail's pivotal moment
How to deliver effective personalization

In the age of the consumer, one-to-one personalization is the desire for most businesses - and it’s a necessity for those wishing to beat Amazon on simplicity, or compete against the the likes of Airbnb or Uber on experience. However, poorly arranged technology, data silos, or defunct legacy CMSs reduce businesses’ ability to reach this goal. This paper makes the case for ‘SaaS overlay technologies’ that can quickly and cost effectively enhance the functionality of a CMS to meet the ever increasing customer experience benchmark.

Key topics:

  • Fully integrated experiences rely on high quality, actionable data, from all areas of the business

  • How to choose between SaaS vendors or weigh up the implications of a CMS overhaul

  • APIs play a key role in developing a rich data strategy able to close the gap between analytics and maximising conversion opportunities

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