Guide to optimizing customer experience across the funnel

Guide to optimizing customer experience across the funnel
for Financial Services

Disruption in the financial services industry is here to stay. We’ve entered into the Age of the Expectation Economy. Placing a focus on continuously improving customer experience is now required to stay afloat. This best practice guide was created to help share our learnings from working with leading brands across the industry, and to foster innovation in customer experience.

You’ll have access to instructional videos, quotes from industry leaders, and 12 proven tactics to improve customer experience across the customer journey. You’ll learn:

  • Why behavioural attribution is superior to classic models like First and Last Click, and how to use it to effectively allocate marketing spend and attract the right type of visitors to site.
  • How to boost conversion and satisfaction with form optimization
  • How to effectively increase trust and credibility with social proof tactics.
  • How to develop a granular visitor profile and use data to create effective cross and upsell opportunities through personalization.
  • How to predict and prevent churn before it happens by creating risk profiles and classifying customers based on their behaviour, then serving personalized offers to re-engage high-risk users.

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