Guide to powering up customer experience for the utilities sector

Guide to powering up customer experience for the utilities sector

In this best practice guide you will learn about the ‘Expectation Economy’ and how it is shaping competition and increased customer demands in the utilities sector. Over the last year, the utilities sector has show one of the biggest improvements in customer experience – this guide will help you continue that momentum. We’ve put together a list of strategies taken from our learnings from working with some of the world’s leading ecommerce brands like Staples, Topshop, Lenovo, Emirates, John Lewis, RAC and more.

You’ll learn:

  • Why behavioural attribution is superior to classic models like First and Last Click, and how to use it to effectively allocate marketing spend and attract the right type of visitors to site.
  • How to increase conversion and reinforce trust by showcasing geotargeted offers, local takeup and relevant reviews.
  • How to increase engagement by solving the classic problem of distinguishing between your customers and prospects when they arrive on site, and serving each a different experience.
  • How to break down departmental silos to bridge online and offline data to give your customers a seamless multichannel experience.
  • How to predict and prevent churn before it happens by creating risk profiles and classifying customers based on their behaviour, then serving personalized offers to re-engage high risk users.

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