Getting 6% more

Getting 6% more

Key findings from a four-year study of 2 billion user journeys, which has been independently audited and assured by PwC.

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What’s in this report?

We’ve analyzed more than 2 billion user journeys and 120 million purchases to determine what kind of revenue uplift you can get from various optimization and personalization techniques. The scale and depth of data analyzed, as well as the independent assurance from PwC makes this study the first of its kind. Download this ground-breaking research to uncover what techniques really work, and how you can get up to 6% more revenue.

What you’ll learn

Segmented experiences drive 3x more revenue.

How a multichannel retailer added $1.3m in revenue.

Only 16% of consumers are staying loyal to brands.

The highest and lowest performing techniques.

What you’ll learn

Defy tomorrow’s expectations today

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