Know where your customers are with geolocation tracking

Know where your customers are with geolocation tracking
6 ways geolocation personalization can drive conversions

Geolocation tracking has been a popular buzzword in retail and customer engagement at length, but its full potential is rarely fully realized.

According to a 2016 customer engagement survey by Boston Retail Partners, geolocation tracking is currently being used by only 2% of companies to personalize their websites and increase conversions. But, upwards of 36% of companies plan to implement personalized offers via geolocation tracking in the next 1-3 years.

Don’t fall behind the curve on geolocation tracking. It’s a simple method that, with a little creativity, can yield big results in the personalization game for retailers. Consumers today expect their experience to transcend channels, and geolocation tracking is a quick win on the quest for creating the ultimate omnichannel experience.

We’ve put together six recommendations to make the most of geolocation tracking and increase your ability to be “contextually” omnipresent in your customers’ lives.

Key takeaways

  • Geolocation is an effective way to segment customers
    General segmenting by your customers' location is great, but getting granular with your tracking data and delivering a more personalized, seamless customer experience leads to higher conversions and more loyal customers.

  • 6 easy ways to bridge the customer experience gap
    75% of shoppers use their mobile phone while in-store. That’s a big experience gap that could be solved by taking advantage of geolocation data to tie together your online and offline channels. We put together 6 killer ways to use geolocation, including mobile, weather, and hyperlocal personalization.

  • Thinking big on location
    With the right actioning of data, geolocation tracking has the potential to push users from online to offline and vice versa, enable targeting offline based on online purchase history, and give retailers the ability to target users at exactly the right moment in their journey.

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