Make your best customers better

Make your best customers better
5 steps to a winning VIP strategy

The importance of VIPs to retailers has not changed. They remain the biggest spenders, most important contributors to revenue, and firmest advocates of your brand to visitors. What has changed is the ability to use granular analysis to identify your VIPs, and then intelligently engage them with programs that promote loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

The golden opportunity for retailers is creating an intelligent VIP program that nurtures the best customers, and encourages others to aspire toward their position, increasing revenue from all of your customers. Your VIP program can promote loyalty through word-of-mouth, or you can expose different levels of rewards through public tiering. As long as you offer rewards worth earning, you’ll drive great results for your company.

We’ve got five tips for personalizing for VIPs that will help you craft beautiful experiences that deliver results at the bottom line.

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