A consumer response to a constantly evolving world
Want to know how the smartphone killed the once-thriving chewing gum market? Why is connectivity becoming more important to customers than brand preference? Do you know what your business model would look like to a 'consumer without limits' - a highly networked, super-connected and empowered consumer looking for a personal and relevant experience?
The world now thinks in platforms. A day in the life of each consumer is no longer a number of isolated experiences but a personalized ecosystem of preferences. Consumers often opt for connected, personal digital experiences over physical real-world offerings.  
In 2008 the chewing gum market was full of promise and excitement and accounted for much of the growth in the confectionery sector. Regular innovation produced new flavours and packaging formats driving Mars to buy US brand Wrigley for $23bn.
Since, the gum market stagnated and shrunk year on year with sales down nearly 25% in 2014. 
According to market observers, mobile was behind the decline. Up to 70% chewing gum sales happen in the check-out aisle at grocery stores. Shoppers standing in line waiting to pay used to represent a golden opportunity to upsell last minute impulse items. No longer. Consumers fill the 'dead time' of waiting in line staring at their smartphones, connected and out of reach.
Much has been written about the emergence of platform businesses such as Airbnb, Uber and Netflix. Less has been written about the platform-consumer.
We've produced this thought leadership book to explore the consumer response to a world built on platforms; a perspective your business fast needs to come to terms with. 
Download this handbook now to discover: 
  • What 12 data sets Uber pulls and weaves seamlessly together to create its winning platform experience
  • Why true customer experience is as much a 'back-end infrastructure' play as a front-end delivery operation
  • What the 'expectation loop' is, why it will kill most brands and how you and your business can escape being trapped within it


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