The CX Files

The CX Files
Investigating how challenger OTAs are pushing the boundaries of customer experience

Challenger brands are becoming the rule rather than the exception. They build themselves around their customers to deliver first-class experiences that can blow existing, slower paced organizations out of the water.

We’ve created a report selecting 10 online travel agent challengers who have the potential to take the fight to larger enterprises if they find ways to compete beyond price and can create a point of differentiation. These OTAs have less financial resource and brand awareness but if they play the customer experience long game they will be able to eat into market share in the next five years.

You’ll learn how to utilize the following to enhance your customer experience:

  • Shifting perishable inventory
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Optimizing ancillary sales
  • Preventing website abandonment
  • Increasing the volume of direct bookings

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