The risk of Christmas past

The risk of Christmas past
Why a failure to personalize your online offer will see you lose out to your competition this Christmas

It's well known that Christmas is the biggest period of the year for retailers. But UK businesses are leaving £1.5bn on the table by not personalizing at Christmas. Very few businesses collect information on customer preferences, or make an attempt to adopt an online strategy that takes into account shopping habits. Personalization represents a huge opportunity to recapture lost revenue, and make Christmas an even bigger time of the year.


In this research we take you through the six main lessons we've learnt about shopping habits in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and how conversion rates and visitor numbers are changing. Then we show you how you can use personalization to take advantage of the Christmas period. 

Download this research to find out:

  • What day of the Christmas period you have the highest traffic yet the lowest conversions and how to fully exploit it
  • What the most common bugbear that stops online visitors from converting at Christmas (clue: it’s not price, product or availability…)
  • How tools like geo-location can ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors during the busiest season of the year


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