Making your technology investments hit the bottom line

Making your technology investments hit the bottom line

At Qubit we often see clients running over 30 third party technologies on their sites, both to improve the flow of traffic to their site and to enhance the experience once people have arrived. Do you know which of these technologies are driving positive ROI, or which could be optimized to perform even better?

In this ebook, we cover 5 steps you can go through to get the most from these technologies:

  1. Run a full technology audit to see where you stand
  2. Create a prioritized testing plan based on the value of each technology to the business
  3. Build a robust testing plan to ensure your results will be valid
  4. Create an optimization strategy based on your learnings
  5. Implement changes and continue to track over time


By following these steps, the Qubit strategy has helped clients decide which technologies to invest in, which to switch off, and which to reposition or adjust in order to get the best returns. Happy testing!

We have an on-demand webinar on this very topic with special guests Monsoon Accessorize. You can sign up here to watch it.

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