Top 10 ways to personalize for travel websites

Top 10 ways to personalize for travel websites

2014 has already seen some staggering statistics surrounding the online travel industry. With 68% of people going on holiday this year, there is a window of opportunity for travel websites to capitalize. However, with an average of 22 different websites competing for the same purchase, how do you make your website stand out from the rest this peak trading period? 

In this ebook, we cover 10 personalization examples that can be implemented on any travel website – download and discover how to:

• Make your rich content work for you by pushing it to visitor segments who are still in the research stage.

• Combat cart abandonment with relevant ancillary purchases, personalized from their user’s booking details.

• Utilize smart landing pages where promotions and last minute deals are dynamically populated depending upon visitor history data. 


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