The top 10 ways to personalize for the financial sector

The top 10 ways to personalize for the financial sector

The modern day individual is constantly surrounded by digital. From booking holidays to ordering groceries, this is a generation who live via digital channels and represents a sizeable proportion of the financial sector’s customer base, with their projected income set to exceed that of USD 3.39 trillion annually by 2018. There is potential here for the financial sector to start maximizing the opportunities their websites are generating. If the airlines who, like the finance sector, faced similarly tough data risks and security issues have been able to digitally personalize and optimize their customer experience, then what is holding financial institutions back?

Key takeaways

  • Creating visual signposts is key. In the real world, you can see the physical queues in branch but for the online world, you have to create the demand

  • Segmenting by geolocation to create highly relevant personalized messaging is a core method of acquiring and encouraging enquiries.

  • The ability to personalize based on demographic data that exists outside of the first party cookie is extremely valuable for acquiring customers

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