Services: Your big ideas. Delivered.


Your big ideas. Delivered.

Our Services team

Supercharge your testing

  • Test big ideas
  • Make better buying decisions
  • Win in the board room

Whether it’s testing velocity or creating more innovative personalizations using widgets or additional data sets, we’ll boost your creativity

We can A/B test all the different third party technologies on your site to verify which vendors
are really driving value

Having a robust approach to A/B testing means that our results show up in the bottom line, earning you credibility with your Financial Director

Grow your team by four experts


Focus for your optimization strategy on the biggest wins

JavaScript Engineer

Does the heavy lifting on complex tests and personalizations

UX Designer

Builds creative assets in line with your brand identity

Account Manager

Gets the most out of everyone’s time and money

Creating data-driven hypotheses

Part data-scientist, part creative genius, Qubit’s strategy team applies data to deliver a meaningful and prioritized testing plan specific to your business. In our experience, data-driven hypothesis generation is around seven times more effective at producing test winners than a strategy based on intuition alone.

  • "Qubit’s tool has given us the insight to understand our customers’ needs, and respond to them, all within one single workflow. This means that we are creating greater experiences for our customers, and building better relationships for the future."
    Melanie Kyrklund, Senior Ecommerce Analyst at Staples
  • "Qubit help us create innovative tests that we can then scale out to new markets and across all our brands. Their analysis has proved so valuable that we now insist every new third party technology is tested using their methods."
    Simon Pritchard, Group Digital Director at Arcadia
  • "Using Qubit has enabled us to do more tests in a month than many of our competitors do in a year. It allowed us to increase our tests and experimentations by 300%, from 35 tests a year to over 500 tests a year."
    Jonathan Wall, Group Ecommerce Director at Shop Direct

Full on-boarding and 24/7 support

Whether you’re a self service or managed customer, you can expect a first-class on boarding process to understand how our applications work. This is supplemented with extensive online resources and dedicated technical support to help you navigate any technical issues and become a testing maestro.

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