AB and MV Testing

AB & MV testing

Testing isn’t a goal, it’s a proof point. Use testing to validate your understanding of your customers, to ensure you’re identifying the right customer segments, and to measure the influence you’re having on their behavior.

Validate your CX hypotheses with testing

Visitor behavior
Validate your hypotheses on visitor behavior, drawing on quantitative and qualitative data to influence visitors journeys’ across your entire digital presence.

Targeted segments
Craft experiences to improve underperformers or reach to reach specific visitor segments, and test to make sure you’re having an impact.

Visitor Pulse
Test experiences and gather feedback on them with first-hand testimonials from your visitors, gain deep understandings of their preferences and opinions as well as their behavior.

Validate your CX hypotheses with testing

Testing solutions for any kind of project

Run an AB/n test to validate your hypotheses and improve the customer experience

Use MVT to explore which combinations of changes are more meaningful than the individual parts

Third party evaluation
AB test the efficacy of different point solutions (e.g. recommendations, reviews) to see how much incremental value they really deliver, then fine-tune your strategy.

Cross device targeting
Take your ideas and test them across desktop, mobile, tablet or app, and ensure the user journey is consistent between all channels.

Testing solutions for any kind of project

Trustworthy results. Proven impact.

Real science
Utilize Qubit’s best-in-class Bayesian stats engine to understand when an AB or multivariate test really is having an effect, minimizing poor decisions caused by false positives

Revenue impact
Accurately assess and forecast incremental impact by looking at revenue per visitor and revenue per converter for each test run

Smart goals
Set up early indicator metrics such as email sign ups, adds-to-basket and content views, to measure progress throughout the lifetime of a test.

Trustworthy results. Proven impact.

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