Abandonment recovery

Abandonment recovery

Prevent valuable customers from slipping away and if they do, win them back

Abandonment recovery

  • Fully configurable
  • Supports your email service provider
  • Recommendations

You decide which events in your funnel qualify visitors for recovery efforts (e.g basket adds, onsite search, product view, form completion) and how long you want to wait before sending out an email.

Because this is fully integrated with the leading email service providers, you have complete control over what your emails look like, adherence to opt-out lists, frequency capping rules, and reporting.

Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities during your recovery efforts by leveraging other Qubit solutions such as product recommendations.

Exit prevention and intervention

  • Exit behavior detection
  • Special offers
  • Email address collection

After a few seconds on a page a sudden movement towards the exit can be used to trigger an offer.

When you are sure that someone is intent on leaving, you can easily craft a message designed to keep them around such as discounts or free shipping.

If you don’t have an email address for the visitor you may want to use their impending exit as an opportunity to ask them for an email address.

Additional features

Fixed pricing

You enjoy the upside of success

Combine with Recommendations

Maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Proven results

Many customers see >15% recapture rates

How Adaptive targeting enhances Abandonment recovery

Personalized marketing messages can deliver up to 8% ROI

Thanks to our Adaptive targeting technology you can send personalized recovery emails to valuable segments such as your returning visitors. Our targeting and segmentation technology automatically take into account new insights as they are observed or gathered from a variety of digital sources and adjusts to these segments.

L.K. Bennett Results

For L.K. Bennett, onsite abandonment prevention alone led to an 11% conversion lift.

Qubit recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines

In its report, Gartner states that “the two primary components of personalization engines are analytics and data, both of which are required to deliver a personalized experience to an individual. Both also require the incorporation of multiple types of analytics and data.” We feel this sentiment chimes well with Qubit’s core offer as you can see within this section.

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