Adaptive targeting

Adaptive Targeting

Sophisticated segmentation enables persuasive personalization

Visitor targeting that’s as alive as your customers

Put your customer insight to work
Your customers are changing moment to moment - your ability to target them needs to keep up. With Qubit, segments automatically adjust to changes in visitor behavior or preferences.

Fluid segments
Adaptive Targeting lets you manage relationships at scale, understanding if a customer needs a different experience from one day to the next.

Truly integrated
In one platform, Qubit users can create useful segments from rich customer data collected from a wide variety of sources, then flip seamlessly to create and serve personalizations.
Visitor targeting that’s as alive as your customers

Work towards 1:1 personalization

Create the segments that you need
Bring offline data into Qubit for segments customized to you, and take segment data for use in other systems, stores, showrooms and offline interactions.

Informed customer support
Give your customer service and contact center teams fresh and actionable customer data to improve relationships and build advocacy.

Target your best customers and most valuable segments
Look after your VIPs by creating premium areas or by offering special services such as next day shipping or early access to premium content.
Work towards 1:1 personalization

Sensitive segmentation

The right customers at the right time
Fresh data and use of time in segments keeps your experiences up-to-date. You can use fixed or relative time conditions, while automatic eviction means that only your current VIPs will receive VIP personalizations.

Combined segment targeting
You can use your existing segments in combination to make sure the right audience gets your message using AND and OR logic.

Segments as a goal
Segments are a goal as well as a tool, and with Qubit you can track a visitor moving between segments (for example from engaged non purchasers to purchasers) as a success criteria for personalizations.
Sensitive segmentation

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