Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Your customers are talking, are you listening?

Sometimes a few words can make all the difference

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Feedback by topic
  • Feedback by geography or demography

How Visitor Cloud enhances customer feedback

Visitor Cloud helps you combine qualitative feedback with quantitative behavioral data to put customer feedback into the proper context.

Qubit recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines

In their report, Gartner state that, “the two primary components of personalization engines are analytics and data, both of which are required to deliver a personalized experience to an individual. Both also require the incorporation of multiple types of analytics and data.” We feel this sentiment chimes well with Qubit’s core offer as you can see within this section.

Topshop case study

Kate Walmsley, Digital Director at Topshop, found feedback driven testing the most effective way to monitor and optimize new site functionality. Analyzing the qualitative data collected directly from Topshop customers meant their personalization strategy could be drawn directly from their data.

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