Landing page optimization

Landing page optimization

First impressions are always important, make yours count

Data-driven landing pages

  • Search context
  • Referrer context
  • Visitor knowledge

Use search engine marketing keywords to customize the landing page to mirror what your visitors expect to see immediately

Take information about what partner or campaign sites the visitor is coming from to personalize the content and offers

Prior browsing or purchase behavior can be used to improve the customer experience and provide a more relevant landing page

Drag and drop page optimization

  • Personalized messaging
  • Pop-ups and data collection
  • Home page takeovers

Use your knowledge from prior visits or from where they are coming from to tailor your messaging with our powerful visual editor

Collect key customer information like email addresses or preferences that can be used in future visits or to create special offers

Customize a portion or the entire page of your site with knowledge from previous browsing, purchase, or campaign responses

Additional features

Notification bars

Greet your visitors with a customized message and place it anywhere on the page

Time limited offers

Create urgency upon arrival through limited time offers or promotions

Email collection

Easily add a email collection box or pop-up on your pages for additional remarketing opportunities

How Adaptive targeting enhances Landing Page Optimization

Looking to promote your brand new landing page only to your iOS mobile visitors living in the New York area?

Thanks to our Adaptive targeting technology you can offer a personalized landing page experience to valuable segments such as your iOS mobile visitors in the New York area. Our targeting and segmentation technology automatically take into account new insights as they are observed or gathered from a variety of digital sources and adjusts to these segments.

Qubit recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines

In their report, Gartner state that, “the two primary components of personalization engines are analytics and data, both of which are required to deliver a personalized experience to an individual. Both also require the incorporation of multiple types of analytics and data.” We feel this sentiment chimes well with Qubit’s core offer as you can see within this section.

TeeTurtle case study

TeeTurtle’s fanbase is heavily represented by gamers. Qubit designed a homepage takeover that compared the total number of pageviews between two t-shirt designs with results updating in realtime.

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