Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Extend your personalization strategy to include native mobile apps

Measure the value of your native app

  • Flexible event measurement
  • Cross-device analytics
  • Advanced segmentation

Track the performance of every in-app event for a clear understanding of user behavior on mobile devices

Join data from your mobile app with your desktop site and other digital touchpoints to enhance the centralized customer record

Segmentation powered by the Visitor Cloud allows you to find highly targeted groups of valuable users

Advanced features

Multiple platforms

Work with iOS and Android apps

Simple installation

SDK installs in less than 5 minutes

Lightweight SDK

Won’t slow down apps or hog data

How Adaptive targeting enhances Mobile apps

Looking to promote your latest mobile app only to your Android visitors living in the London area?

Thanks to our Adaptive targeting technology you can promote that new mobile app only to your valuable segments such as Android visitors in the London area. Our targeting and segmentation technology automatically take into account new insights as they are observed or gathered from a variety of digital sources and adjusts to these segments.

Data driven customer experience for mobile apps

Optimizing The Digital Customer Experience

The future of business is customer-shaped. Say 'hello' to Continuous Optimization.
In a world where consumers demand premium customer experience on even the smallest of purchases, a commercial organization's ability to thrive will come to depend on the purest possible synthesis of people, processes, technology and data. Doing nothing is no longer an option. Download this report to gain an understanding of what Continuous Optimization is, what it means for your business, and how to build a roadmap towards it.

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