Proven personalization solutions are only a drag and drop away

Millions of user journeys, relevant every time

  • Precision targeting
  • Dynamic content serving
  • Cross-channel

Define any target profile using behavioral data, purchase history, browsing interests or offline / offsite data so that you can always reach the right people at the right time

Create your own messaging using our WYSIWYG editor and personalize every aspect of the customer journey without costly and time consuming technical projects

Spread your ideas across every touch point or device and ensure that all channels lead to a personalized experience

Proven personalization components built in

  • Scarcity
  • Urgency
  • Social proof

Create demand by showing low stock notifications for relevant products

Avoid procrastination using countdown timers that work towards specific dates or times of the day

Add credibility to your products and services by showing user activity or by surfacing the most relevant reviews

1:1 personalization when it counts

  • Informed customer support
  • Build loyalty
  • In-store and online

Give your customer service and contact center teams fresh and actionable customer data to improve relationships and build advocacy

Look after your VIPs by creating premium areas or by offering special services such as next day shipping or early access to premium content

Import CRM and loyalty data so that customers coming to your online store can get the service and offers they’re eligible for in your stores

Additional features

Cross device targeting

Target your users on any device

Customizable plugins

Configurable and reusable components

Robust results

Results your CFO will notice

How Adaptive targeting enhances Personalization

Always reach the right people at the right time.

What was true ten minutes ago may no longer be true when it comes to your customers. Thanks to our Adaptive targeting technology you can offer one experience to your big spending returning visitors and a different one to your visitors looking for discounts. Our targeting and segmentation technology automatically take into account new insights as they are observed or gathered from a variety of digital sources and adjusts to these segments.

Qubit recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines

In its report, Gartner states that “the two primary components of personalization engines are analytics and data, both of which are required to deliver a personalized experience to an individual. Both also require the incorporation of multiple types of analytics and data.” We feel this sentiment chimes well with Qubit’s core offer as you can see within this section.

Bebe case study

Hear from Erik Lautier, Chief Digital Officer at bebe, on why they chose Qubit's personalization technologies and how it's bringing their instore experience online.

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