Millions of user journeys, relevant every time

Precision targeting
Define any target profile using behavioral data, purchase history, browsing interests or offline / offsite data so that you can always reach the right people at the right time.

Dynamic content serving
Create your own messaging using our WYSIWYG editor and personalize every aspect of the customer journey without costly and time consuming technical projects.

Spread your ideas across every touch point or device and ensure that all channels lead to a personalized experience.

Millions of user journeys, relevant every time

Proven personalization components built in


Create demand by showing low stock notifications for relevant products.


Avoid procrastination using countdown timers that work towards specific dates or times of the day.

Social proof

Add credibility to your products and services by showing user activity or by surfacing the most relevant reviews.


Smooth cross-channel purchase journeys by nudging customers towards contact information.

Reduce returns

Avoid miss-sizing, mitigate duplicate purchases and avoid try-and-returns with smart size guides.

Make announcements

Inform visitors about events, new products, discounts or offers with banner ads.

1:1 personalization when it counts

Informed customer support
Give your customer service and contact center teams fresh and actionable customer data to improve relationships and build advocacy.

Build loyalty
Look after your VIPs by creating premium areas or by offering special services such as next day shipping or early access to premium content.

The right customers at the right time
Fresh data and use of time in segments keeps your experiences up-to-date. You can target experiences using fixed time (like holiday seasons) or relative time (like, a week after first purchase), while automatic eviction means that only your current VIPs will receive VIP experiences.

1:1 personalization when it counts

Data-driven landing pages

Visitor knowledge
Use browsing or purchase behavior and other information - local weather conditions or distance from stores - to make initial visits more relevant and improve the customer experience.

Search context
Use search engine marketing keywords to customize the landing page to mirror what your visitors expect to see, immediately.

Referrer context
Take information about what partner or campaign sites the visitor is coming from to personalize the content and offers.

Data-driven landing pages

Beyond button colour changes

Flexible personalization
Use your customer knowledge and Qubit’s flexibility to target the right audiences with meaningful, influential customer experiences.

Pop-ups and data collection
Collect key customer information like email addresses or preferences that can be used in future visits or to create special offers.

Home page takeovers
Create dynamic, high-impact experiences right on the homepage, customizing with knowledge from previous browsing, purchase, or campaign responses.

Beyond button colour changes


Support online merchandizing and customize product promotion
Making key products stand out has never been easier
Help shoppers find the items that best fit their needs and lead them further into the conversion funnel by categorizing merchandise based on relevant attributes.

Product badging
Use product badging to promote relevant or high velocity sellers.

Product messaging
Create stickiness through enhanced product information such as sizing guides, or urgency through low stock notifications or countdown timers.


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