We help top travel brands personalize the digital experience throughout the buyer journey

Understand and convert

Drive maximum value from your traffic by getting to grips with onsite behavior and deploying personalized experiences to encourage conversion.
Understand and convert

Retain and build loyalty

Understand a lifetime of digital interactions so that you can reward your most valuable customers with relevant experiences.
Retain and build loyalty

Upsell and cross sell

Increase revenue per customer through personalized recommendations and targeted ancillaries across multiple channels.
Upsell and cross sell

The future of travel: Man vs. Machine

An exploration of smart technology, human innovation and digital disruption
In partnership with Travel Weekly, our exclusive report features insights and examples from over 20 senior travel executives at Uber, Virgin Holidays, Emirates, Marriott and more. Get your copy to find out if it’s man or machine who will truly own the digital customer journey, and with it the future of travel.

Featured solutions for the travel industry

Visitor analytics

Understand the entire customer lifecycle from first visit to repeat booking


Identify groups of people for whom you can deliver personalized experiences


Get more accurate with how you serve offers and upsell ancillaries

Social Proof & urgency

Motivate more people to book on your terms by exposing real-time inventory


Show related destinations and packages based on browsing and booking history

Abandonment recovery

Use onsite behaviors to trigger targeted messaging via your ESP and/or push notification providers


Man vs. Machine: A deep dive into the findings from our latest report

Dan Bensley


Case study: Personalization for multiple cohorts from entrance to conversion

Mark Bloxham
James Villas


The Future of Travel: Exceeding the demands of the digital traveller

Sergio Iacobucci


Bright Sparks Manchester: Big ideas for travel

Niall Twaddell and Abi Wendt

What our clients say about us

What's been exciting for me, working with Qubit over the last few years, is that it’s become a hub for all insights from all web traffic. Their recommendations on testing and the journey process has been extraordinary. Qubit has become truly the third man in some of the decisions we make.

Mark Bloxham

Managing Director, James Villas Holidays

Since partnering with Qubit we have delivered real improvements to our customer experience. We are now able to identify customer segments, understand their needs, and rapidly respond with relevant content and offers.

Joe McCarroll

User Experience Manager, Jet2

Not only will Qubit's robust technology platform allow us to initiate a high-powered personalization program, it will also help us create new revenue streams through ancillary product sales. We believe Qubit will be an excellent technology partner that will allow us to get the most out of their platform and maximize our investment.

Doug Bertram

Frontier Airlines

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