Deliver a first class customer experience in your digital channels to drive high value bookings and increase customer loyalty

Key challenges

Reducing costs

Combat perishable inventory and increase ancillary sales such as low uptake on seat upgrades or difficulty filling empty rooms

Growing acquisition costs

Lack of effective measurement on the success of your existing acquisition channels to optimize your acquisition spend

Understanding your visitors

Difficulty in identifying and understanding the behaviours of your most valuable customers to serve them personalized experiences

Beating digital roadblocks

Overly long development cycles and cumbersome IT processes which stall the ability to accurately test and validate new projects

Core solutions

Optimizing ancillary sales

Promote ancillary sales and room upgrades through predicting the ancillaries most relevant to your different visitor cohorts and intelligently target them onsite and via email to boost revenue per booker and margin

Intelligent inventory merchandising

Intelligently merchandise ‘at risk’ inventory in an agile and personalised fashion on your website. You can display a geo-targeted list of at risk inventory on your homepage and include urgency messaging where applicable

Reducing acquisition costs

Employ attribution reporting to optimize traffic acquisition costs by analyzing which channels create valuable interactions. Test your third party applications such as retargeting to ensure they are driving incremental value

Deepen customer loyalty

Build a real-time ‘Elastic customer record’ of each visitor to rapidly identify and differentiate between individual visitors (e.g. business versus leisure) and deliver a personalized experience which increases their customer loyalty

Enhance your digital development

Beat development roadblocks and increase testing velocity using Deliver to publish changes rapidly and serve winning tests ‘always on’ without making hard coded changes to drive superior ROI

Scale your peaks

Boosting digital bookings

Your digital conversion strategy needs improving. Period.

Read on to discover eight ways to boost your digital bookings, based on activating visitor data to serve more personalized experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How to increase ancillary adoption rates utilising cross-device customer data to identify your most valuable on-site customers in real-time to serve stronger personalized experiences
  • How to effectively gather visitor feedback to uncover roadblocks to conversion and add colour to traditional web analytics
  • How to employ hyper-local targeting and proactively and intelligently merchandize using urgency messaging to increase conversions

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