Are you ready for Black Friday?

Are you ready for Black Friday?
5 tips for optimizing your website this holiday season
Tuesday 29 September 2015,
13:30 to 14:00

Black Friday was the standout event of Cyber Weekend 2014. It saw almost 80% more internet shoppers than Boxing Day and 20.6% revenue growth year-on-year.

Preparing for Black Friday is crucial as it anchors the holiday season where businesses can expect to make 20-40% of their yearly sales. The code freeze 30 days before Thanksgiving means acting early to ensure success on the day.

This is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce to capitalize upon shopper enthusiasm, before the traditional Boxing Day and January sales. As a season ripe for acquisition, if you nail your customer experience you can look forward to strong retention through 2016.

This is our top 5 hit list to make you Black Friday ready.


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What you’ll take away from this 30 min. webinar

  1. Don't get shipwrecked: focus shipping optimization on clear and pre-emptive communication

  2. Get cart smart and optimize for mobile

  3. Spoil your VIPs by rewarding loyalty with propositions to drive conversions

  4. Use social proof to make your customers follow the leader

  5. Utilize urgency data to motivate the customer


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Nick Harknett

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